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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10. >> testifying new developments in japan. one of the troubled reactors catches fire. tonight, another desperate plan to try to keep this from becoming a full meltdown. closer to home, heart wrenching moments for the family of a woman murdered inside a bethesda store. new details about the clues that could lead police to her
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killers. we're going to begin tonight with devastating new developments in japan. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. we're in the news room now monitoring those constant changes in japan. laura evans is with me with what's unfolding at the fukushima plant. >> if this couldn't get worse, a fire at one of the reactors, they believe is causing the release of radioactivity. >> how is the government responding? >> they're increasing the radius. they're telling anyone within 20 miles of the plant to seal themselves indoors to try to avoid any exposure. >> this means everybody that was already nervous is even more on edge. >> not only are they dealing with the radiation scare, they're also still dealing with trying to find their loved ones. >>reporter: they have already survived the fifth largest earthquake in modern history and the tsunami that devoured everything in its past and they face health dangers that may not appear for years.
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>> 11,000 parts of radiation exposure is what you get what in your whole life. we may have to cautiously watch this. >>reporter: the radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along the pacific coast that were heavily damaged by the earthquake. on tuesday, another explosion rocked the region damaging a containment pool and exposing part or all of the nuclear. >> we urge people within 20 to 30 kilometers range to stay indoors, in their houses and offices, considering what could happen with the reactors now. >>reporter: prior to the warning from the prime minister, 70,000 people had already evacuated the area. >> i really hope we can go back to the house as soon as possible to lead an ordinary life. >>reporter: the more than 140,000 residents who st behind are now effectively trapped inside their own homes. in the same areas, search rescue
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and relief efforts are at the mercy of the winds as rescuers try to avoid a radio active cloud in hope of a desperate miracle. >> people don't die of hope easily. that's why we're doing our best. we continue to spot areas that have not been searched yet. >>reporter: many areas are out of reach and the after shocks continue and thousands of american service men and women involved in the search efforts are not only dealing with the after shocks but are dealing with the radiation. a warning now for nonessential personnel and their families to stay inside as much as possible, as elevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of tokyo. >> and tonight, american military officials are confirming us service members have been exposed to radiation. >> wow, so how is the us dealing with it? >> we understand they're giving antiradiation pills to service men and women and they're also repositioning ships out of harm's way. >> and tonight we've been talking a lot about of course those reactors. how are they dealing with this radiation release?
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>> right now they're talking about bringing in helicopters, spraying water and acid on it trying to control the radiation. they're going to see how that goes and then monitor things, just day by day, hour by hour basis, shawn. >> it's kind of scary and hopefully they can get it under control. laura, thank you. brian. for japanese living here in the united states, the disaster back home has been especially difficult as you can imagine to watch. one of them, a japanese exchange student living in southern maryland. we spoke to bob barnard tonight. bob, it's got to be tough. >> indeed, brian. the teenager you're about to /phaoelt is meet is from the city hardest hit by the tsunami. she learned her family survived but found out tonight all of her friends and class mates back home are alive. >> when i go to japan, i'm going to go to this place. >>reporter: she's still a little stunned by it all. she's a 17 year-old exchange student from sendai, japan.
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>> they don't have the ability to leave right now. >>reporter: she's spending much of her time away from leonard town high school on the internet, communicating with friends, looking at pictures of her neighborhood. >> and i still can't imagine that my friends, my family are still there and they can't even get food, like they can't use water. >>reporter: her mother, stepfather and younger brother were out of town when the quake struck. they're all okay. >> actually, the tsunami came 5 miles from my house. >> she's a very strong young lady. >>reporter: miu is living with a host family, the gaylords in leonard town, maryland. >> we just want her to know that we're going to do whatever we can to keep her spirits up and help out in whatever way we can
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over there with her family. >> it's not like this. like japanese family, it's -- nobody told that it's thought it's going to happen like this. >>reporter: here's a young lady who didn't speak a word of english when she arrived in the us last august. she's planning to go back home at the end of the june. >> i can imagine when i get to japan, i can't imagine what it's like. now, there's nothing -- everything was destroyed. >> this has not been a care-free visit for miu. months earlier, she worried about political unrest in north korea and might that lead to war with japan, and now this, brian. >> ask and we can only imagine the amount of helplessness she feels. your instinct probably is to rush home and help your friends
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and family and but you're here and it's so dangerous there. >> she said she feels helpless. she said i want to go home now. it's just not possible. what she's doing is there's a teacher at leonardtown high school who's involved with the red cross. she's working with that teacher and her class mates to try to send money to send home. >> red cross seems like it's the default charity right now. bob barnard tonight. >> our coverage of the disaster in japan does not end here. still to come, amazing stories of survival. a closer look at the possible dangers from the leaking radiation and understanding what could cause a melt down. all that's ahead at 10:30. another about story we're following tonight, investigators return to the lululemon store in bethesda today, the scene of a brutal attack. two employees sexual assaulted, one of them beaten to death. tonight, two killers are still on the run and police are sift sifting through evidence trying to track them down. wisdom martin is live with the latest on this investigation. >>reporter: the store remains closed tonight because
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investigators say it is still a crime scene. for four straight days, investigators have been here canvassing this area, walking around, looking for clues as they try to figure out who did this and why. late tuesday night, investigators came back to lululemon looking for answers. meanwhile, people in the bethesda community are still trying to understand why this happened. >> i think we were shocked and not just grieved, but just stunning. especially this place -- i'm also a yoga person. i teach yoga and we're connected in the yoga community. >>reporter: dave shur is a person who two weeks ago purchased yoga pants and shirts from the victims. >> i'm wearing these clothes today in solidarity. >>reporter: earlier today they came to lululemon for about 10 minutes. they looked at pictures, cards and flowers from friends and strangers placed in front of the building sent saturday. tonight, who killed and murdered
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and sexual assaulted them remain a mystery. >> our investigators have done a comprehensive canvas in this area where they've gone to other commercial establishments and other points where there may be video and they're looking at that. >>reporter: right now, investigators are not sure if there is any video relevant. they continue checking a number of tips coming in from various sources. in the meantime, business owners held a meeting today to discuss their safety concerns and talk about what they could do to be safer. >> it's just shocking and upsetting and it could have been any of us. these girls woke up in mourning like we do every morning, and happy it was friday, going to work. it's just a wake-up call. we have to be r. >>reporter: as far as the surviving victim is concerned, investigators say she is recovering and has released from the hospital, shawn. >> that is good news. wisdom, we know this is a very busy area. are store owners concerned about the lighting in that area? >> well, during that meeting, they did discuss lighting earlier today, but tonight, when
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we spoke with one of the store owners, she said that lighting wasn't really an issue because the lights in this community are on a timer so at night time, the lights automatically come on. they wanted to stress that the bigger issue was that they keep in communication with each other and come up with ideas such as having a uniformed time watching out for each other and communicating, watching each other's back so this won't happen again. >> thank you. criminal profiler pat brown joins us to talk about this situation. pat, thanks for joining us. we know this attack happened on a friday night on that busy street that has lots of foot traffic. police are saying it's not random. the suspects showed up with masks and gloves. what is your take on this? >> it's a very unusual crime because quite frankly, it doesn't make a lot of sense that they would have these kind of masks and gloves, especially if they weren't really targeting the business, which would seem they weren't because the business closed at 9:00, and if they were watching that business, they should have been there at 9:00 and maybe inside the store waiting for it to
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close instead of outside so they attacked later. so it's a little >> the crime scene was described as bloody. both were sexual assaulted but only one was killed. the other was found bound and conscious. does that sound personal to you? are you having trouble hearing us, pat? apparently, we are having some audio troubles with pat. hopefully we can get her back. are we able to get her back? okay. we're having a little trouble with the beyond audio. we will continue to stay on top of the story and bring you the latest information as we get it in. meantime, we're learning new details about a deadly crash last night in fairfax county. the alleged drunk driver was in the country illegally. immigrations and customs enforcement agents say he was deported to /hopbdeurs in '04 and snuck back in. peter /kraus died in the crash.
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two others were hurt when kraus hit theirs. they caught up with him quickly and has been charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter, dwi, driving with a revoked license, child endangerment and felony hit-and-run. he was one of the most powerful local politicians. today, jack johnson faced the judge, but spent his energy taking his case to the court of public opinion. hear what he has to say about the corruption charges. tonight, metro laying out how it plans to get you to and from the cherry blossom festival. details when we come back. 
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>> he was in charge of one of the biggest counties in our area, now facing very serious criminal allegations. jack johnson in court today and beth parker has been following him. >> brian, it was a very quick hearing. he appeared before a judge. in fact, it was billy ma his lawyer who officially entered the not guilty plea. he said not guilty for johnson. but outside the courthouse, johnson was eager to talk and he says he's ready to fight. >>reporter: the hearing lasted
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less than 10 minutes. jack johnson and his lawyer billy martin took his case to the cameras. >> we're going to fight. you know, my reputation is at stake. everything's at stake. >>reporter: prosecutors say johnson created a pay to play environment in the county taking money in exchange for favors like permits and government grants. back in november, agents searched johnson's mitchellville home. >> for 30 years, i gave every effort, every minute to the citizens of prince georges county. >>reporter: last month, a federal grand jury returned an eight-count indictment. the evidence in the case includes wire taps, recordings of johnson's phone calls, including some where he urges his wife, councilmember leslie johnson, to hide money in her underwear. >> we are going to attack the wire taps and all of the information that has been used by the fbi during this investigation. this is the day that we begin to fight these charges.
10:17 pm
>>reporter: johnson says he pleads not guilty and says he doesn't even recognize the person being charged. he says he will now work to restore his name. >> so a quick hearing today. has the trial date been set. >>reporter: no trial date yet but the government lawyers handed a few things today. they said they have additional wire taps that we have not heard yet. they said we're going to be handing over some of that to the defense in the next couple of weeks, so there could be even more damaging recordings. >> is there a potential to hear that or is that locked away in the court system. >>reporter: it's part of the discovery process and some of the transcripts at least should be filed at some point, so at some point hopefully before the trial we will be able to hear more of those wire taps. >> thank you, beth. more disturbing news about fired /tkaoáes dc government employee brown. his administration missed criminal charges during its background checks. karen gray houston has those new
10:18 pm
developments from the new. >> vincent gray says he personally did not know that sulamu brown had six run-ins with the law. he knew nothing about it before he was given the accounting job with a six figure salary. /phaur mayor gray was asked about the latest revelations on a tour of area schools. he tells his reporters his people are trying to do a better job in the future. it turns out brown was acquitted of a violent crime in chicago nearly 20 years ago. published reports say it was for attempted murder. brown told me this afternoon it was aggravated assault. there were several other instances of assault brown was not convicted of, and a restraining order never served apparently for the alleged stalking of a 13 year-old girl. mayor gray says in and of itself the charges would not necessarily prevent someone from having a job. >> when you look at the fact we're trying to focus on
10:19 pm
returning citizens, we have a lot of people coming back to the city from having been convicted of a crime, and they want to get a job, and we're trying to help them do that. >> i spoke to brown, and he says he's still angry, saying people are running his name through the mud and he's never been convicted of anything. he wants the mayor to say publicly that he was misjudged and fired without cause. >> karen, thank you. the mayor is still under fire for paying eight of his top officials more than the city's salary cap. the mayor is now backing away from the controversy. you may recall he's been paying his chief of staff close to what he makes, $200,000. >> what we've done, and let me make something perfectly clear, that the majority of those above the salary cap were about $900 above the salary cap. so we're just simply working with the people who were involved and rolling them back. >> you are rolling them all back? >> correct. >> the roll back includes the fire chief, school's chancellor and wayne turnage, the department of finance, the same agency brown was fired from.
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we're monitoring metro tonight. the agency getting ready for huge crowds during the cherry blossom festival. how they'll plan to move the hundreds of thousands of riders to the events. metro will put eight more trains in service. from march 26 to april 10, metro is working on the air conditioning systems on their trains to make sure they're working at full service. we're monitoring metro's elevatores and escalators as well. 84% of its escalators are under repair. that's 14% of the system. 19 need safety repairs. as for elevators, 9 of them under repair tonight, about 4% of the system, one for a safety repair. you can help us monitor metro. when you see something that looks like a problem, snap a picture, take a video, shoot us an e-mail at fox back to the lululemon murder case in bethesda. pat brown joins us again. we got all the audio bugs worked
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out. thanks for being with us. uh-oh. pat, can you hear us? >> i'm right here. >> great. we left off earlier. we were talking about the crime scene. it was described as very bloody. both women were sexual assaulted, one of them killed. the other was found bound and conscious. i was asking do you think this attack, does that make it sound more personal in nature? >> well, it's odd that it would be personal because again, the people that did this weren't there at 9:00 when the store close and weren't there when the woman set the alarm and left the establishment. they didn't attack anybody when they each went their separate ways. they appeared again as these women went home at 10:00. it has to be random or someone on the inside, one of the victims saying i'll be there at 10:00. those are the only two options there are. other than that, i don't see a personal crime of any sort. >> we know that this happened on friday, which was the same day that the apple store next door released the brand new ipad 2.
10:22 pm
people have asked do you think maybe they were there because they may have been scouting people coming out of the apple store? >> that is much more of a possibility that they really weren't intending to target this particular store but there they were planning on some other kind of crime and low and behold these two women showed up about the time they were looking over there. what a good deal, we can go after them. they had masks, but it is possibility they were looking at something else, this came along and a better opportunity. >> what do you make of the fact police weren't releasing any details. >> i think they're looking carefully at what went down in the store, what kind of theft it was, what kind of sexual assault it was. they're going to be talking to the witness who survived and find out what her story is, to see whether there was absolutely any way she was involved. i know it doesn't look like it at this point because she was brutalized herself. but they're going to look at all these aspects to determine what these people were that came into the place and who to look for.
10:23 pm
>> pat brown, thanks for giving us your perspective tonight. the cast of "glee" is being honored tonight, and we're going one on one with one of its stars, the story behind this latest award up next.
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>> "glee" fans, you know the show makes you laugh, but the creative forces behind it want you to think "glee" is about inclusion, no matter what you look like, your sexuality or disability. tonight, one of the "glee" cast members is in dc, and as fox 5's will thomas shows us, she's a shining example of not letting anything get in your way. >> becky, more silicon please. >>reporter: actress lauren pot potter is winning over "glee" fans with her role as a cheerleader and sidekick to the seemingly cold hearted sue silvester played by jane lynch. >> what's jane lynch really like? >> a sweetheart. >>reporter: she traveled to
10:27 pm
washington with her mother to accept a leadership award on behalf of the creative cast team of "glee". >> i'm going to cry. hopefully they'll take notice. >>reporter: aapg, american association of people with disabilities soviet hosted this gala which included a fashion show featuring women with disabilities. the awards celebrate achievement and progress in the disability community. 20 year-old lauren has down's syndrome. >> i'm really happy that my family, my friends support me. >>reporter: with two seasons of "glee" under her belt, lauren is using her fame to help lead the charge against bullying. >> we have to end it. enough is enough. different isn't different. >>reporter: her mother says with her tv popularity, she isn't immune from bullying. >> she was recently bullied on her facebook page. it was atrocious. we went on and composed a response, and from around the
10:28 pm
world, we started getting -- it gives me chills to see them thinking about it. we started getting responses from around the world that lauren, england has your back. france has your back. >>reporter: among the champions for disabilities being honored by the aapd, the chairman and his wife cheryl, she happens to be a mobility impairment. >> we're making progress and i think when we make progress, we can change attitude. >> how do i feel about the change? it's a long time coming, and you know what, we can make it go faster. >> be nice, sue. >>reporter: the next time you laugh with becky, the cheerleader on "glee", remember the fight lauren the actress is waging behind the scene, trying to prevent laughter at and discrimination against people with disabilities. in washington, i'm will thomas. coming up tomorrow on fox 5 morning news, actress lauren potter will be in studio in our 9:00 hour. out to the devastation in japan, pretty amazing stories of
10:29 pm
survival. calls for help from underneath the rubble. wait until you see who was saved next.
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>> we're following a news alert just coming into fox 5 news. a spokesman in japan says workers at the fukushima nuclear plant are abandoning all efforts to stop the potential melt down. he says the radiation risk is too high. several reactors are at risk of spewing large amounts of radiation into the atmosphere since the pumps that cooled them were knocked out in the tsunami. the potential meltdown and radiation leak is worrying people around the globe. adrian hamer at the nuclear energy institute joins us tonight. mr. hamer, the media is catching a lot of flack by people that think we in general are ing this nuclear threat out of proportion. do you think that's the case? >> i think by and large, brian, the media -- i mean, some of it
10:33 pm
might be said to be exaggerated. others is very balanced, and it depends what you're taking your feed from, but i think overall it's been a fairly balanced perspective coming through. occasionally, people overreact but that's only normal when you start talking about radiation and nuclear matters. >> when we hear they're abandoning the efforts at the fukushima plant, what does that mean for you and what does that mean for the overall impact on that country? >> i haven't seen the details of that report, brian, or what's behind that, whether they're talking about the reactors and they're still going to try and inject water or whether they're talking about perhaps the fuel port. i think it's the reactor certainly as we go to unit 2 to get as much water in there as they can, but that would be pure speculation. until we see the details, it would be wrong to draw any conclusions. >> isn't that the biggest problem here, is that this lack of information?
10:34 pm
the contractors, we know they know what's going on and the government knows but that seems to be about the circle of information here. >> well, i think you've got to realize that things are happening and piling on top of each other, starting with the initial event, and it's just gone from one thing to another. i think they're trying to get the best information out they when the public is affected, but it's a slightly different society than the united states and i think they're interacting between the company and the government and the government is keeping the population informed. the way the government and the company handled the evacuation and the emergency procedures, as regard to the public, are moving thousands of people out to kilometers i think was commendable and a very structured, measured approach. >> what key words are you looking for that would signal that this, in fact, worse than perhaps we think it is and that
10:35 pm
cautionary approach that i think i hear in your voice and a lot r you, just to get a perspective on how much radiation is ing and the potential here, the us navy is reporting elevated radiation 200 miles off shore. that doesn't take a nuclear scientist to deduct that that's in the a good thing. >> they're detecting radiation but you don't know how much and like everything else, it's never
10:36 pm
good to expose yourself to any unnecessary radiation, whether it's lying on the beach or getting too close to a contaminated particle. if you can take action to move out of the way, that's the smart thing to do, and i think that's also reflected in the prime minister of japan's comments when he says the people stay indoors. it's just a prudent thing to do. it's not the fact that we're getting close to a critical situation. it's just do the right thing at the moment, which is stay out of harm's way. >> adrian hamer, nuclear enterprise institute, appreciate your time tonight. i guess all eyes are focused on reactor number 2 and we'll be watching the reports out there closely. thanks for coming in. >> four days after the earthquake and tsunami hit japan, we're hearing major stories of survival, but for the thousands still missing, expectations of finding anyone alive are beginning to dim.
10:37 pm
laura ingle reports. >>reporter: heavy tears and heavy hearts in japan. the stories behind them are many. tears of joy and those of pain. the difference, whether nat fury allowed a loved one to live. in the city of ishimaki rescuers find a woman in her 70s. a grateful son says she's recovering in this hospital after refusing to leave her home when the tsunami hit. >> the tsunami came inside the house and they tried to escape but could not escape. >>reporter: desperate family members join rescue crews as they comb through twisted cars, homes and buildings. here, they recover a young man in his 20s after hearing his calls for help. he's alive four days after the earthquake and tsunami hit japan. >> people don't die easily. that is why we are doing our best. we will continue to spot areas which have not been searched yet. >> in a coastal town, a gut-wrenching ritual for two parents in search of their son.
10:38 pm
shouting into the wreckage, the father calls his son's name. the parents refuse to believe their son may be one of the estimated 10,000 dead or ing after the tsunami. >> he should be okay. he should be okay. it's been four or five days now. it was only a short distance home. we think he's not coming back now. we are starting to lose hope. >> families pour through the after math and read through the names of those still missing desperately hoping to find their loved ones, laura ingle, news. >> so we asked and you delivered all morning long. we have several organizations manning the phone banks in our studios and donations poured in for survivors of the disaster in japan. this morning's fundraiser raised about $15,000 for the participating charities, doing relief work to benefit japan, and we want to thank you all for calling in and donating. federal workers on the edge of their seats with another government shut down potely just days away.
10:39 pm
find out if republicans and democrats are any closer to reaching an agreement next. first, the trouble in japan hitting wallets around the world. fox's neal neil cavuto has tonight's business report. >> stocks falling on worries of japan's nuclear problems. those damaged nuclear reactors might be getting worse. japan's market sparking a global sell-off. stocks suffering their worst two-day plunge since 1987. >> the image of him on a golf c while japan is in the kind of trouble, this is catastrophic trouble, i think is totally inappropriate. >> supplies of oil increasing japan's for it decreases. that has prices diving below $100. but hawaii, the first state
10:40 pm
hague aloha to $4 regular gas this year. california and alaska not that far behind. this is the first time we're seeing prices top $4 since 2008. the national average for regular unleaded still well below that level. finally, drinking pepsi from a plant? the beverage maker rolling out a new bottle made out of pine bark, corn husks and other plant materials. that's business.
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>> america's last world war one veteran has been laid to rest. president obama and vice president biden were paying respect to frank buckle at the cemetery today. he was buried with full military
10:44 pm
honors, dying last month at the age of 110 in his west virginia home. only two well known world war one veterans are still alive, in britain and australia. lawmakers are facing a hard deadline before a shut down. they have until midnight friday. fox's craig boswell has the latest. >> the joint resolution is passed. >> reporter: the house passed a stop gap spending measure to fund the government for at least three weeks. >> what this is is a very good first step of going forward to really get a handle on the spending. >> reporter: the bill cut $6 billion from the budget and buys time for democrats and republicans to find an agreement on a spending plan for the remaining six months of this fiscal year. lawmakers on both sides voiced frustration over another temporary quick fix. >> this is no way to run a government. lurching back and forth like a drunken sailor. >> is it reckless and irresponsible to ask for $61 billion in cuts when the
10:45 pm
national debt is 230 times that house. >> reporter: they're insisting in more than $60 billion in cuts from current spending levels. democrats say that will already slow a sluggish economic recovery. >> the budget would give pink slips to 7,000 american ers. >> reporter: the short-term continuing resolution now heads to the democratically controlled senate. >> it appears they would rather shut the government down and destroy american jobs and work than work to solve the country's problems. >> the discussions between the speaker and majority leader are going on already to try to resolve the level of spending for the balance of the year. >> reporter: if it passes the senate, it must be signed by president obama. then both sides can seek a long-term solution for the current fiscal year that ends september 30, and they still have next year's budget battle to fight. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. coming up, a virginia law maker is lashing out at his own
10:46 pm
party. you'll hear his accusations. plus, a local family makes a horrible discovery months after a father went missing. tonight there are a lot of questions surrounding this case. we're less than three days away from our local teams tipping off in the ncaa tournament. for john thompson the 3rd and the hoyas, they still don't know who they're going to play but they did hop on the bus yesterday and head to chicago. an update on their scenario and the health of chris wright is straight ahead. myme time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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>> trying to find a good way to put a spin on the rain we were getting? it's greening things up. >> isn't it. i was noticing that out the backyard. >> overnight. >> a few people saw showers in the evening rur hour but the bulk of it is overnight and for the most part gone by the morning rush hour. there may still be showers lingering east of 95 in the early morning but you can see as
10:50 pm
we put this in motion, everything's moving pretty quickly to the northeast and there have been moderate rains around hagerstown where i wouldn't be surprised if they had a couple ice pellets mixed in as well. good down pours, a good bit of a back edge here but i'll show you a wider picture here and there's more to come, some areas of /hroáep so we have low pressure so we have a band to the south. a couple of areas of low pressure that will move quickly and i don't think we'll have a tremendous amount of sunshine tomorrow. the afternoon will certainly be quite a lot dryer and the bulk of this will be done before the sun comes up tomorrow. isn't it nice to have day savings time. our showers again this evening are mostly in the overnight areas and some moderate down pours have been around to the north and west. if we have the early morning showers i think they'll be primarily east of 95. a lot of clouds will hang around but by afternoon, some breaks in
10:51 pm
the overcast and definitely a lot dryer. maybe we see that sunshine out and certainly as we head into saint patrick's day and beyond, get ready for a warm-up. we have a real nice green upcoming for you. but i wanted to show you how much we're talking about in terms of rain, and it does look like these showers will produce perhaps a half inch to 3/4 inch. but most of us closer to that half inch amount as these showers move on too, so nothing like the tremendous gully washers we had last week. another thing, it's not going to be cold tonight. we won't get below 40 degrees in other spots. cooler in hagerstown at 42. your forecast tonight, rain showers, some of which will be moderate. 43 degrees for the overnight low. tomorrow we start out with a little bit of early morning rain but certainly dryer for the afternoon and here's another bonus. about 10 or 11 degrees warmer tomorrow than it was today. not a lot of rain tomorrow. just an early morning lingering shower. at 8:00 in the morning 46. by noon, a lot of clouds around
10:52 pm
beginning to see the breaks and by 5:00, mild and 61 degrees. we've got to talk about the luck of the irish. saint patrick's, we're lucky. it's going to be beautiful, sunny and mild, 64 to 67 degrees. if you think that's nice, look at friday's forecast, with the future cast showing the showers moving on through at 7:00 in the morning. most of it is in the bay or east of the bay and clears on out for the afternoon so things are looking a lot dryer and into friday we go, thursday as well mild. on friday, check out this 5-day forecast. how about 76 degrees, maybe 80 for some of you away from water. so we've got a run of real nice weather coming, and saturday about 67 degrees with a lot of sun. spring begins on sunday. a front will come through and cool us down just a little bit, but all things considered, /shaup, a shawn a very nice looking forecast . we're in the web center talking about the "glee" original episode with sarah frasier. so the original songs tonight,
10:53 pm
were they a hit? what were the folks talking about on the chat room? >> i was so nervous but they were a big hit. everyone on "glee" chat loved it. so loser like me and get it right, which was rachel's big song tonight were really the two most popular songs and, of course, they threw in some pink in there and maroon 5 also made a little bit of appearance. so i think this is going to be a recurring trend that we're going to see some of their original music. i was actually surprised. everyone's reaction was really positive and, of course, they're available on itunes right now. >> that's going to be the fun thing. >> that's of course the fun thing everyone loves doing with "glee". you can get the songs immediately and i think this is the start of a new trend so we'll see what the blogs say kind of tomorrow and what everyone's saying on twitter but i think it's a good thing. >> and i also heard gweneth, there's more news tonight. >> a lot of people were tweeting on "glee" and saying is this it? no, there's actually not. there's a lot of new episodes
10:54 pm
coming up for "glee" and gwyeneth is going to be back. people love her every time she's on. get ready, a lot more of her is coming. >> i think the only way people would be more excited is if justin bieber was on. >> we need bieber. >> if you have a hook up, call "glee". >> what are we going going to be talking about tomorrow morning? >> tomorrow morning, we're actually going to talk about some great spoilers that are coming up with some character plots for "glee" so you are not going to want to miss that at 6:30 tomorrow. >> i hear they're romantic but that's all i can say for tonight. sarah frasier, thank you so much. we enjoyed it. of course the original episode of "glee" aired tonight and i cannot wait to see what's coming up next week. >> you got it. thanks, shawn. >> brian, back to you. >> the royal wedding was supposed to be big business. turns out it could be a big drag on the british economy. find out why will and kate's big day could cost everyone some
10:55 pm
major cash.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
 >> some people are already making big bucks off the royal wedding but not everyone is happy. as fox's jamie metzler explains, the wedding comes with a king-sized price tag. >> reporter: some british business owners say the royal wedding is just the economic shot they need in these tough times. >> this is going to provide a breach, if you like, over the stormy waters that the recession is proving to be, so we we regard ourselves as fortunate. >> reporter: british tourism experts expect more than half a million visitors in april, and that means anywhere from 40 to $80 million for the hotel
10:59 pm
industry and nearly $850 million for british retail stores. >> people coming in and the feel-good factor could be the thing the retailers need in the uk. >> reporter: fairy tales don't come cheap. security for all those visiting ing heads of state will cost british taxpayers millions. >> it's so messed up, you . they need to spend that money on us, giving us opportunities so we can get jobs instead of spending all that . >> reporter: prime minister david cameron also declared the wedding day an official holiday, meaning businesses will shut down, and that's going to cost the british economy billions more than the wedding will generate. >> we just don't need it, especially in my game, the building industry. it's devastating. we don't need it. they should have had the wedding on a saturday. >> reporter: all told, the royal wedding


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